The following testimonials were written by just some of my happy sellers and buyers.  They have all been kind enough to give me permission to show you their correspondence. Their letters and words are very gratifying.  My honest and forthright approach has earned me many friends.

Jerry and Louise - We met Stacey when we viewed one of her listings. We had a previous Realtor who we parted ways with as we were not getting the personal attention we required. We were pretty clear on what we were interested in purchasing. Stacey kept us up to date on new listings and showed us many homes. When we finally found the home we were looking for and it was just a matter of getting our offer accepted. 

Stacey made us feel like we were valued clients. Having found a home she knew we would like, Stacey got us into view it as soon as possible and guided us in the purchasing phase.  I would not hesitate to recommend Stacey to others. She is dedicated, honest, and her integrity is important to her. I feel that I could recommend her to others and that they will have the same experience we did.

Ron and Mary Armstrong - We were ready to down size but wanted something we could work on and make our own.  Stacey was very efficient  Got the job done really fast and showed us just the houses with a description of what we were looking for.  We so appreciated her honesty and ability of really listening to our needs.  She went above and beyond any real estate agent we have ever had.  I recommend her to everyone that I know is looking for a home. Anyone would be blessed to have her working for them.  A thousand percent is the score she would receive from us.

Brad - I'd like to let you know that you are a good realtor.  Not once have you been pushy, I respect the heck out of that.  And you have found me answers to every question I've had.... So thank you.  Another nameless realtor told me today that viewing houses with numerous realtors is confusing and that I can just have one show me all the houses I want to see.  I think he was right!  I'm guessing he meant him, but his advise still stands... you WILL sell us a home. 

Jaimie - You did everything right. If I was an inspector for a real estate company I would report that you did everything right.... You are never late you are always courteous you always follow through on any information I ask for you, did everything right. I come from a long background of Realtors.  I was a realtor, my grandfather was a realtor, my mother was a realtor, my niece is an award-winning realtor in RE/MAX and I can tell you from my experience from the many homes I bought, from the many homes I've sold, you did everything right.

Dicky - Peter and I want to thank you for the amazing job you did to sell our home.  Hope to work with you again when we look for our new home.

Julie and Jack - "Thank you" is a small phrase to express our feelings for all you are doing.  Your willingness to help is greatly appreciated....  Thank you again for all your kindness.

Stacey Miller
Stacey Miller
1480 Columbia Ave Castlegar BC V1N 3K3